The forest has a lot to say –
listen for yourself!

The Wiesbaden city forest curls around our lovely city in a half-moon shape, stretching from Frauenstein in the west to Breckenheim to the east. This large forested area, loosely bounded by the towns of Klarenthal, Taunusstein, Eschenhahn, Niedernhausen, and Sonnenberg, acts as Wiesbaden’s »green lungs«.

The city forest has long served a dual function, offering a place for city dwellers to connect with nature, while also safeguarding tremendous economic potential for the lumber industry with a thriving forest – FSC® certified and managed without any pesticides for some two decades now! Efforts to care for and cultivate the forest have paid off in things like the return of wildcats, and a great deal of time has been put into stabilizing the mixed beech forests. These kinds of things are hard to see at first glance – so it’s time to showcase them!

The Audio Forest (Hörwald) is the first digital service offered in the offline world of the Wiesbaden city forest. Visitors to key points in the forest can listen to entertaining audio clips by smartphone and learn about the forest, its fauna and flora, hidden archaeological sites located there, and the forest’s economic and ecological importance to Wiesbaden.

That’s what the Audio Forest is here for – listen in!

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